Businesses that don’t do this are missing conversions.

Service Business Owners Who Don’t Do This Are Missing Website Conversions

When business owners sit down to write their website copy, there’s a simple error that lots of them make.

It’s not their fault. You don’t know what you don’t know.

But if you’re making this error, then I’m afraid to tell you that you’re missing out on conversions.

Anyway, I’ll stop beating around the bush and tell you what the error is, and how you can avoid it.

It’s simple: trying to make a web page perform a variety of functions, rather than one.

Say you’ve got a number of ways of gathering prospect data – a guide that you want people to download, a product they can buy, a strategy call or a ‘call to find out more’ option – it’s natural to try and shoehorn all of these things onto one page.

After all, more calls to action, the more chance that they’ll take action, right?


The more calls to action, the more diluted your message becomes, the more confused your prospect is and the less chance you’ve got off securing their data.

When I’m writing any page, I subscribe to the “OPPP” principle – “one purpose per page”.

Work out what the natural ‘next step’ is after your prospect has read that page and use that as your singular call to action.

Give it a go, and let me know how you get on.

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