Chasing Jam Tomorrow Instead Of The Bread And Butter For Today

Most business owners I meet or talk with have one common problem:

They are always chasing the jam tomorrow instead of focusing on the bread and butter that they need to survive today.

Jam tomorrow is more exciting. It is a shiny, bright and beautiful thing. The entrepreneur, jobrepreneur or small business owner, whatever you prefer to call him, tells himself that this is the big thing. This is the idea which is going to make him or her a fortune. This is it! No doubt about it. Success is guaranteed!

However, to make the ‘jam tomorrow’ business idea work is going to take a lot of time, effort and energy. Whilst he or she is putting all of his or her energy into the ‘jam tomorrow’ idea, guess what happens? Yes, that’s right, the ‘bread and butter today’ business, that is the one which pays the mortgage and the food bills, suffers.

Suddenly three months of ignoring this business leads to a huge downturn in profits. The business owner cannot believe how this has happened. It seems so unfair that his business, the one paying the bills, is suffering. Admittedly, he might have spent a lot of time having coffee and meetings with people to talk about his new idea, the jam tomorrow idea, but that wasn’t what caused the problem was it?

The truth is, that is exactly what caused the problem.

I have done this from time to time, in the early days of my business more so. But I soon realised how foolish this one, and have repeatedly had to point this problem out to my business friends as they make the same mistake time and time again.

My hope is that by airing this on the blog, you will not make the same mistake.

Only when your bread and butter today business is on a steady, upward turnover and profits climb, due to a number of automated marketing systems in place which produce a steady and consistent flow of new client instructions, can you then move on to the jam tomorrow ideas.

Follow this idea and your 15 year overnight success story is almost guaranteed!

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