Don’t Delete Subscribers From Your Aweber Email List

Email Marketing – Don’t Delete Subscribers From Your Aweber Email List

Many people suggest that from time to time it is a really good idea to clear out your AWeber email list of people who never or rarely open your marketing emails. This is bad advice.

I have people on my email marketing list who go for a year or more before opening an email from me, but then instantly ask me to work with them on a one on one consultancy basis. Often the fees for this consultancy business run into tens of thousands of pounds.

If I took the advice of the many email marketing experts out there that suggest you need to clean your email marketing list every so often, I would miss this work, the opportunity to work with a client to grow their business and make it better, and of course the fees.

You must remember that one of the reasons why email marketing works is that it keeps your name in front of your potential clients.

Delete your clients from your email list and your name is not seen again.

Don’t do this.

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