When It Comes To Email Marketing, This Is Critical!

When It Comes To Email Marketing, This Is Critical!

I remember when I started my business in 2003 a friend of mine gave me a gift of a set of CD’s from Frank Furness, a sales trainer, mainly for financial advisers. He thought that as I was starting my business I might find them helpful. He was right.

When It Comes To Email Marketing, This Is Critical

There was one question that someone asked at the end of one of his live sessions which I will never forget. The training was ending and someone asked “If you can give one piece of advice to sell more, what would it be?”

“Keep showing up” was the answer.

In other words, keep speaking to people about selling your services and eventually, even if you are the worst salesperson in the world, someone will say yes to you.

The very same point applies to your email marketing.

The most important action that you must take as soon as you decide to start sending an email marketing newsletter is this:

Consistency. Consistency. Consistency.

Consistency is absolutely critical. If the idea of sending an email newsletter is to sell more of your services in time, the only way to do this is to become a consistent friend in your prospects email inbox.

Sporadically won’t work. Occasionally won’t work. You have to send your email on a consistent basis so that your prospects expect it, get used to it, and most importantly can find it easily in their inbox when they decide to give your services a try.

If you take the time to build an email list and then send one or two emails, but then fail to keep sending them all of your good work will have been wasted. It is only by sending the email every week consistently, or every month consistently that you will get the results that you would like to see.<

Nothing matters more than consistency, so please remember this.

Set a reminder in your calendar to send the email and then ensure that it goes at that time every day, week or month, depending on your preference.

When it comes to email marketing, C for consistency is critical.

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