Email Marketing Newsletters & Free Email Marketing Course

Email Marketing Newsletters & Free Email Marketing Course

Why this is one of the most, if not the most, effective marketing strategies

I always remember reading the Enid Blyton Famous Five series and also the Secret Seven series as a child.

In one of the Secret Seven series one of the children wished for and obtained a never emptying magic wallet.

I remember as a child thinking what a wonderful thing this would be to own.

Want some more fruit salad sweets, Nick? Just open the magic wallet. Need another horn for your bike, just open the magic wallet. I was only about 6 or 7 at the time so my imagination didn’t really stretch that far. As long as I could ride my bike and eat sweets what else did I need in life?

Now I run my own business and have a family, I realise that I might need just a little bit more than the sweets and my bike (although the bike is still with me, it is just a bit bigger and faster).

However, I still love the idea of a never ending supply of money, because whatever people say about it, it does make like that little bit easier, not just for materialistic things, but for health too, which as I get older becomes far more important to me.

So I often wondered how I could create a never emptying wallet for my business. When I started my business in 2003, this was always on my mind, because I had no trading history, no clients and no income. It therefore meant I also had quite a bit of spare time to ponder this question.

I didn’t realise until two years later that I had actually managed to create a never emptying wallet. When I realised that I had managed to achieve this, I then wished that I had created it two years earlier!

What is the business never emptying wallet?

An email marketing newsletter.

The ability to communicate with all people interested in your services at the click of a button, to share some of your expertise with them, and to invite them to contact you for more information, is, in effect, a never emptying wallet.

Every time I send an email, I receive a response. Sometimes it is simply to ask me a question, which I am more than happy to answer, because that is the way I am wired. The more closely I connect with my clients and potential clients, the better I am able to understand their needs and to serve them as well as I can.

On other occasions, an email sparks an immediate request for my services.

The point is that if I did not have an email marketing newsletter, and a database with several thousand people on who have expressed interest in my expertise, I could never generate immediate requests for information about my services.

Without an email marketing newsletter, I could never create my never emptying wallet.

Do you have a never emptying wallet in your business?

If you do not yet, you absolutely must create one, and do so as soon as possible.

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