Email Marketing Template For Consultants / Email Marketing Formula For Consultants

Email Marketing Template For Consultants / Email Marketing Formula For Consultants

What is the best email marketing template for consultants? How can you ensure that your email delivers results for your clients and prospects at the same time as always producing results for you too?
Email Marketing Template For Consultants
I have the answer, well certainly the answer that works incredibly well for me, and I want to outline it today. First, however, I need to cover off one of my golden rules of marketing for consultants.

Nobody will ever buy your consultancy services from your website.

Nobody will ever buy your consultancy services from your website.

What do I mean here? Surely the whole point of having a website is so that you can sell more of your consultancy services, isn’t it?

No. The entire purpose of your website is to generate leads for your consultancy services. Most consultants do not sell services which are needed instantly. No one wakes up in the morning with a pressing need to employ a business continuity consultant or a management consultant. No one says “today is the day I am going to find and employ my IT consultant”. Sorry for being harsh, but it is the truth. As a marketing consultant, I know and understand this.

It is for this reason that most consultants websites only job is to offer something free in exchange for contact details so that you can keep in touch with your prospects forever more until you have educated them more about your services and created the need which leads to them contacting you.

I had to make this point, because it leads me back to the email marketing template or formula that all consultants should use.

If your consultancy website’s job is not to sell but to collect prospects email addresses, when or how are you ever meant to sell your consultancy services?

You sell your consultancy services from your regular and consistent emails to all of the prospects whose data you have collected over the preceding few months and years.
If your website is set up to offer something free in exchange for your prospects email addresses, the main place that you will sell your consultancy services is from your email. You might also sell them from a strategy call or a webinar, but mostly from your emails, if you do them well.

The email marketing template for consultants

Your email marketing template will look like this:

  • Engaging subject line
  • Good quality, valuable content for your prospects
  • A gentle call to action

Let’s look at each of these core aspects in turn.

Engaging subject line.

Much as the only job of your consultancy website is to capture prospects email addresses, the only job of your email subject line is to persuade your prospect to open your email.
That is all that it has to do.

It is certainly not the place to say “email newsletter from Swishy Swashy Consultants” or “Buy this now”. The one and only job is to persuade your prospect to actually open your email.

I usually right my email subject line after I have written the email; then I have a feel for the full article and know what is more likely to pique my prospects interests.

Good quality, valuable content.

The next part is the most important part. Your email content must do one of the following:

  • Provide some good, sound advice that proves your expertise and helps your prospects; or
  • Detail a success story of your services so that your prospects gain a better understanding of what you can do (business owners love reading about other business owners success stories so you are still adding the important “value” point); or occasionally
  • Sell your services

I very rarely now do a big sell from my emails. My main aim is to keep in touch consistently and provide value. Therefore, I send a weekly email usually providing some valuable advice, but I end with the most important part, the call to action.

The call to action

You might think that if I just said I don’t hard sell my marketing consultancy services from my emails, why do I need a call to action at all?

This is the crucial part of the email marketing template for consultants for me.

I don’t sell my services, I end each email with one of the following:

  • A link or call details to set up a strategy call with me; and/or
  • A link to buy one of my products – such as my automated live chat software Your Website Genie

I usually tie these links into the content of my email so that they follow on from the content, but I don’t add deadlines or scarcity into my weekly emails.

I want my prospects to want to read my emails and then to know that if they reach the end of that email and I have struck a chord, they know what they need to do next to move things along.

For a long time I missed this point. Whilst I knew that my website’s job was not to sell my services, I forgot the crucial point that if I never offered my prospects a chance to buy my services or to take the next step, when they were ready to take action there would be absolutely no way for them to do so. If my sales pages are hidden from the website navigation because my website is only designed to generate leads for my email marketing, how could they ever buy from me.

What happens when you follow this formula?

You obtain regular sales.

Consistent, regular sales.

Isn’t that what every consultant wants for their business?

I believe it is and it is why I suggest that you try this email marketing template for your own consultancy business too!

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