Email Marketing Tips And Ideas

Email Marketing Tips And Ideas

4. Sell From Your Email Marketing – Sometimes

Sell from your email, sometimes (see Email Marketing Tip 3 though).

3. Don’t Sell From Every Marketing Email That You Send.

Don’t sell from every email you send. Sometimes (more often than not) just send really useful information to your clients that proves you are an expert in your field.

2. James Bond Refused Entry To Wales headline idea March 2015

James Bond has been refused permission to film inside the Welsh Assembly.

Everyone knows James Bond. Can he open the door for you to reach out to your clients?

1. “Eclipse Your Competition Before Friday” March 2015

With the solar eclipse in the UK this Friday, there is bound to be a lot of press coverage. Get ahead of the pack by mentioning the eclipse and its due date in your email marketing headline today.

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