Every Consultant Has The Ability To Instantly Grow Their Income & Business

Every consultant has this in their business. Before I tell you what it is, let me just tell you that it is a great thing. Without exception, every consultant that I talk with has the ability to do this.

Every Consultant Has The Ability To Instantly Grow Their Income & Business

What is it?

The ability to generate more income from the same or more clients pretty much instantly.

That’s a good thing to have isn’t it?

I worked with someone recently who didn’t believe that this was the case, until I assured them that it was.

What happened?

Just two months after our conversation that person has acquired new clients and also moved some existing clients onto a higher level programme (a brand new one which prior to our conversation did not exist).

You can do this too with a two step, fail safe plan:

  1. You come up with your new product or service; and
  2. You commit to making it happen.

The two parts are vital.

If you “hope” to launch a new programme to win new clients in your consultancy business, sadly, you will fail. It is the commitment to launch the product or service what may that makes it work.

My secret has always been the same. I launch the service, write the sales page copy, email my list and then create the product or service when people ask for it (i.e. sign up for it).

This way I know that my time is being well spent delivering something that people want.

Of course, you must have an email list, but that is simple too. You can read more about that here:

Email Marketing Mastery – Free Course »

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