The Flying Scotsman And Growing Your Business

The Flying Scotsman And Growing Your Business

I saw the Flying Scotsman this morning. I was impressed, which I didn’t really expect to be.

The Flying Scotsman And Growing Your Business

The only reason I saw it was that on my bike ride back from the gym I noticed on the cycle path by the railway various groups of people, many with cameras. I guessed an ‘exciting’ train was coming. At the final bridge over the railway before I left the cycle path and re-joined the road, my curiosity got the better of me. I asked one of the men with a camera what was coming and he told me. I asked when, and as it was imminent, I thought I would stay and see it.

Now obviously, it’s an impressive steam train, and obviously, it was late, about 10 minutes late. But it really did warrant the delay. It was worth hanging around for. It definitely had the ‘X’ Factor.

In your business, how can you emulate The Flying Scotsman and create an air of ‘celebrity’ around you?

How can you create that little bit of glitter, sparkle or je ne sais quoi around yourself or your business?

Writing a book or speaking at events are both ways to achieve this. However, you don’t have to go to those lengths (believe me, as someone who has been editing his book for the last few weeks, it may well be a good idea not to).

Another way to do it is to just make sure that when someone lands on your website there can be no doubt in their mind that you really are a specialist or an expert.

You have dozens of pages around your specialist service, lots of reviews saying how great you are, details of press coverage that you have received and everything and anything else that proves you really know your onions.

Do that, and you could just have The Flying Business.

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