Free Range Wood Coming Soon!

Free Range Wood Coming Soon!

Free range wood will soon be available, I have no doubt.

You can buy free range chickens (understandable because the alternative is not nice at all if you are a chicken), free range eggs and even free range pork (although I had understood that pigs generally had enough room to move around).

So why not free range wood?

From the free range wood you could have free range apples, oranges, lemons and all sorts of fruit born from trees.

I have no doubt if someone actually created this product, some people would be persuaded to buy it.

“Ooh look, free range Granny Smith Apples, I bet they taste much better. Imagine how nice they will be when they can walk around and take in different views and smell different air.”

The point is, people can be persuaded to buy most products or services (even mad ones like Free Range Wood), and in addition to this, people can be persuaded to pay a variety of prices for many products or services. We know this is true because a local cafe will sell a cup of coffee for around £1, whilst a large High Street Coffee chain will charge you almost triple this amount.

You can buy accountancy services for a fixed fee, or the same service packaged in a different way for a monthly fixed fee. You might pay a lot more for this option, but it provides more peace of mind and works well for both parties.

If you are having trouble selling your service for a price that you believe is reasonable, I can assure you that it is possible, you just need to market it better, package it in a new way or deliver the service in a different manner.

The answer is not that it is impossible, as Free Range Wood should show you.

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P.S. Since writing this blog I have found people selling Free Range And Organic Christmas Trees. It just goes to show, I was right, people really can and will sell anything and at any price they choose, so you have no excuses. Download my guide for some more instant help now.

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