Get Your Marketing Message In Front Of Enough Prospects

Get Your Marketing Message In Front Of Enough Prospects

Well I feel incredibly special this morning. I have been personally selected by Raul and his business partner to receive an email from him offering me his expert Search Engine Marketing Services for my website. How kind of him to pick me out from all of the potential business owners out there. I assume that he spent the time trawling the internet, looked at hundreds of marketing consultant websites and then decided that I was the UK marketing consultant he would most like to help get to the coveted position of Number 1 on Google.  Wow, how lucky do I feel today?

OK, so I am not quite that naive, but it does make for a very interesting marketing point that is worth noting.

I once listened to a batch of Frank Furness CD’s when I used to travel up and down the country providing my consultancy services. Frank Furness is a sales trainer for Financial Advisers, and a very good one at that. At the end of one of his recorded live sessions on finding new clients, someone asked him what was the one thing they should do even if they weren’t very good at prospecting. His answer was simple and right: just ask as many people as you can. Even if you are the worst sales person in the world eventually you will get lucky!

This is so right, and obviously the tactic that Raul and his business partner use to find new clients. It is not clever marketing. It is not considered marketing. It will miss many,  many more targets than it ever actually hits, but finally someone will say, go on then, tell me a bit more about your services and bingo, bongo, bango they are in!

So whatever you are doing, do more of it. Give yourself a chance of catching some more fish. Even if your marketing or sales message is not very good, putting it in front of enough people will eventually produce a result of some sort or another.

If you go the extra mile and hone your message until it really works, then become very targeted about which prospects you put your message in front of, you will achieve even greater success – Guaranteed!
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