Getting Up With The Sparrow Fart To Grow Your Business

Getting Up With The Sparrow Fart To Grow Your Business

It is coming up for a year that my dad left us, and “up with the sparrow fart” was one of his regular sayings. It means, quite simply, to be up early, and when it comes to doing something good to grow your business, getting up early is definitely one of them.

Getting Up With The Sparrow Fart To Grow Your Business

I have been up since 5am this morning, which I definitely count as early.

My mind was racing about things that I had to get done, such as write this email, before I head to Rome with my mum and brother later today. She has always wanted to see the Vatican, so today is the day that we head off to see it.

Getting up early is regularly cited as one of the things that high achievers do, and I fully understand why. With no one else seemingly awake (certainly no one in my household) you do feel that you are one step ahead of the rest of the world.

It is also so peaceful. Aside from the early morning chorus from the birds, of which I am sure many sparrow farts are included, it is lovely and peaceful.

Peaceful. Time to think. Time to plan.

Planning is also another bright thing to do when it comes to growing your business, which is the other thing on my to do list. I need to plan out my goals for the next 90 days and enter them into my goal setting system to ensure that I stay on track.

That is three things that you could and should be doing right there to help you grow your business:

  1. Get up early
  2. Plan
  3. Set goals (and review and update them relentlessly)

Will you?


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