Google Adwords Tips And Ideas

Google Adwords Tips And Ideas

4. Use Leading Capitals In Your Google Adwords Ad Copy

Use leading capitals in your ad copy. In the majority of cases it increases click through rate.

3. Remove Non Performing Keywords From AdGroups

Once you say a keyword has traction and is outperforming other keywords in an Adgroup, move the lower performing keywords to a new Adgroup where you can prepare a better landing page and write more targeted ad copy to improve click through rate and quality score.

2. No More Than 10 Keywords Per Ad Group.

Strictly no more than 10 keywords per Ad Group. When you find keywords which work, move them into a smaller group with more tightly written ad copy to increase click through rates.

1. Improving Google Adwords Keyword Score

If a keyword is constantly receiving a low quality score and not being shown as a consequence, but it has legs, pause it in the current Google Adwords Adgroup, write a new landing page and then set the keyword up in the new Adgroup.

Sometimes Google doesn’t realise that you have gone to this trouble to make the landing page better. This way ensures that it does.

21 Google Adwords Tips

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