Gordano Services, Actually.

Gordano Services, Actually.

I love the start and end of the film Love Actually, where Hugh Grant is commenting on people arriving at airports, embracing each other, happy to be together again. Families being reunited, lovers, friends, all hugging and embracing and smiling from ear to ear.

Where Do You Do Your Creative Writing For Your Business?

I have been reminded of it just now as I sit and write; at Gordano Services, Actually.

I have just seen a couple of cars pull up, people get out, walk towards each other arms wide open and embrace. They are all still smiling, talking, gesticulating now some minutes later as I write this.

I love it!

It is one of the reasons why I often stop off at Gordano Services on my way to my office. I find it a surprisingly invigorating and creative place to write. Hundreds of people coming and going each hour, off for a holiday to the West Country, having meetings, or hitch hiking the length of the country for fun as I saw last week.

Some people I know in business find it utterly bizarre that I go to motorway services to work. They are convinced I just go to sit and kill an hour or two. They can’t understand why I don’t just go to my office.

Nearly all of these people are ‘employed’. They have to be at their desk from 9am to 5pm. They are chained to their desks to produce and work and sweat and toil. Their employer needs them to be at their desk so he or she can see that they are earning their pound of flesh.

I feel sorry for the employer and the employee. They could both get so much more out of their relationship with each other.

I used to have the same job; tied to the desk as a solicitor. In my case, because I was a hard worker, it was usually 8am to 6 or 7pm rather than most of my colleagues’ 9 to 5, so I was chained to a desk longer.

When I became a business owner it took me a long, long time to break the habit of sitting at my desk all day. My 14 years as a solicitor, coupled with a catholic upbringing which filled me full of guilt for practically everything (thanks for that) I felt I wasn’t working unless I was at my desk.

However, being a creative person, with most of my income coming from writing, my thinking (consultancy and Adwords advice), I know that it would be absolutely impossible for me to run a successful consultancy business without taking time away from my desk to write, think and plan.

It is perhaps not surprising that after the first year of my business when I was mainly strapped to my desk, my income has steadily increased the more time that I spend away from my desk.

Are you ensuring that you get away from your desk?

Do you have a daily plan or routine that you follow that makes best use of your most productive time, or do you still run your day in the way that you have always done?

Let me know by leaving a comment below.

Update; that group of people that arrived and embraced at Gordano Services are still chatting. That’s love, actually.
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