How Do I Get More Traffic To My Website?

How Do I Get More Traffic To My Website?

It’s the question on most business owners’ lips.

“How do I get more traffic to my website?”

And it’s an important question. After all, if your website is your primary source of sales or leads, it’s vital to drive people to it. Otherwise you won’t making any money.

Pretty simple, right?

However, the answer is quite a lot less simple – the main reason being that our friends at Google change the rules. A lot.

For most business owners, getting found on Google is vital – that’s where most of your traffic will come from, but because the web giant is constantly moving the goalposts, it can be really difficult to know which tactics and strategies for getting onto ‘page one’ actually work.

A few years ago, the process for getting found was a lot more straightforward.

You’d write a new, unique article.

You’d add it to your website.

You’d submit it to article and press release websites, linking back to your website with the keywords you’re targeting.

That was that. Rinse and repeat.

But as it turned out, Google didn’t really like that. They thought it was ‘playing the game’.

Overnight, all of those valuable links were pretty useless. People who were using this method to generate traffic lost all their visitors overnight. Ouch.

Not only that, but Google also changed their algorithm to favour “not for profit” organisations, meaning that most “for profit” businesses had to use Adwords to get traffic, and pay for the privilege. Double ouch.

But it’s not all doom and gloom, I promise. It’s certainly still possible to achieve results, but it takes time, commitment and effort.

Still with me? Good. Let me explain the process:

  • Step one: Write quality content for your website
  • Step two: Target “long tail” keywords for each new page. The more specific you can be, the higher your chances of a hit on Google are.
  • Step three: Once you’ve added the new content, post links to it on all your social media channels, proving to Google that you’re a real business.
  • Step four: Rinse and repeat on (at least) a weekly basis.

That’s that. The results will not be as quick or as powerful as they used to be, because you are now targeting much longer search phrases that will generally have much lower search volumes, but they will build in time.

Follow this approach, and over time you’ll become more and more visible on Google. The question is: are you actually going to do it, or just think ‘that’s a good idea’ and never implement?

Time will tell…


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