How To Make Google Adwords More Effective. Part 1 – Split testing your Google Adwords Ad Copy

Split testing your Google Adwords Ad Copy

How To Make Google Adwords More Effective

Part 1 – Split testing your Google Adwords Ad Copy

Google Adwords is such a clever advertising platform, and unique in the fact that it rewards you if your advertisements perform well by reducing the price you pay for further clicks.

That’s quite something isn’t it? Imagine a national newspaper saying that because your advertisement generated more enquiries than any other advertisement your next one is half price.

I think it is safe to say that that is very unlikely to happen with print media, but it can be exactly what happens with Google Adwords.

It is the reason why this is the first tip in my new series of How To Make Google Adwords More Effective. (To receive the entire series immediately, simply enter your details in the box below so that you do not have to wait).

So, how do you split test your advertisement content to see which advertisements are working hardest for you?

First, head to the settings tab and ensure that you select Standard/All Features for your campaign.

Scroll down to “Ad delivery” and select “Rotate indefinitely: Show lower performing ads more evenly with higher performing ads and do not optimise”

This ensures that when you created more than one advertisement, they will rotate evenly so that you can see which one is proving more effective.

Next, head to one of your Ad Groups, and go to the ‘Ads’ tab. To create a new advertisement to run equally alongside your current one, simply select +Ad and then create your new ad copy. As well as testing completely new content for your advertisement (linked very closely to the keywords in each Ad Group of course), some simple changes can make a huge difference to your Click Through Rate, which is what we are trying to achieve here.

These can include:

Punctuation (eg full stops, question marks etc)
Leading capitals throughout the ad copy (try it and you will be very pleasantly surprised)
Different URL Display copy (including your keywords).

Remember just to try one small change for each new advertisement so that you know what is making the difference.

Once you have a new best performing advertisement (minimum 100 impressions but preferably 1,000 impressions), rewrite the worst performing advertisement and continually rinse and repeat this process.

It will make a substantial difference to the performance of your campaign in time.

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