How To Make The Most Of Every Blog Post That You Write

How To Make The Most Of Every Blog Post That You Write

If you have gone to the trouble of writing a blog post, what can you do to ensure that it works as hard as possible for you to generate more enquiries and more clients for your services?

I see so many examples of when someone takes the time to create a really good blog post, or several really good blog posts, but then makes the terrible mistake of not making the most of all of their endeavours.

So here is what you should do to ensure that you make the most of every blog post that you craft.


As with any content in any format, from advertisements to website content, it is all about the headline. If you focus on the headline, the rest of the blog post will usually take care of itself.

For more about headlines, and content writing generally, see my PASTOR Copywriting Formula.

Sub Headline

Naturally, after the headline, you need to expand further on it to explain why your reader should go to the trouble of investing the next few minutes of their time to finish reading your blog post.

My book title is a prime example of this:

More Clients Now!

10 Proven Methods To Instantly Generate More Client Enquiries From Your Website Today!

The headline ‘More Clients Now’ tells you what you can expect as an overriding theme from the book, but then the sub headline spells out in more detail exactly what you are going to get from investing your time and the very small amount of money in purchasing the book.

Prove You Know Your Onions

Next, your blog reader is looking for proof that you really do know your topic, and that you are an expert in this type of service.

This can be accomplished by adding to your blog post (often in the right hand column so that they can see these items whilst reading the blog) some or all of the following items:

  • Client reviews (it is all about reviews now rather than testimonials (Trip Advisor/Amazon/Rated People etc, so use the language most commonly used on your own website now)
  • Media coverage
  • Published books
  • Volume of clients helped, or transactions concluded

Take Away My Fears

Before your big finish, you need to do one more thing now. You need to take away all of my concerns or fears about making contact with you.

If you have piqued my interest, it is natural that I might like to say hello, or if you are really lucky, to ask you to help me by supplying your core service.

So the next point is to ensure that I know that I can do this without any fear of cost, expense, hassle or stress.

So explain that you are always delighted when you hear from people who have read your articles or blog posts, and are happy to answer any questions that they might have about the topic in question, without cost or obligation.

End Each Blog Post On A High

I don’t quite mean literally here, although often I do finish a blog post and feel very contented and pleased with myself, but I mean that you need to make sure that your blog post finishes on a high for your business.

You need to make it work extremely hard for your business. You do not want all of your wonderful efforts thus far to fall at the final fence.

Ending a blog post on a high means that it must have an incredibly powerful, high pulling and converting call to action.

If everything I have read above has worked for me as a potential client of your business, by the time that I reach the end of your blog post I will practically be foaming at the mouth with excitement as to what comes next.

Which is why it is such a crying shame that so many people end their blog post and just leave the reader hanging there, thinking “What just happened?”

If you do not tell them what to do next, the only thing that they can do is to leave your blog and go off in search of someone else’s advice.

Please remember the golden rule of all marketing activities these days is that all of your clients, both past, present and future, are supremely busy. Their time is precious to them. You have to make it incredibly simple for them at the end of each blog post to take the next step towards making contact with you.

Here are some of the things that you can do.

1. Simply ask them to call you, email or complete a free online enquiry if they would like to have an informal chat with you (remember the sole purpose of your website is to sell first contact with you, not to sell your whole service – more on this in my next post).

2. Add an email marketing data capture form to the bottom of the blog post, inviting them to enter their details to receive a free guide, DVD, report or document. If you can link the free item to the topic of your blog post you will have even more success with this result. You will often see this at the end of my blog posts – I use and recommend AWeber.

3. Invite them to add a comment to your blog post (comments are great for generating extra content and thereby extra traffic from Google – the best part being that you do not even have to write this extra content).

4. If you think it is a really hot topic, invite them to share the post by adding social media links at the bottom of the post. This is my least favourite option, as by and large, most of us simply do not write about sexy enough topics for this to actually happen. Sad, but true.

Make Your Blog Posts Work Harder For You

Make every blog post work so hard for you that it repays your original writing efforts hundreds of times over. It will be well worth your investment of time.

With that in mind, and with the great advice shared in just one blog post, you would be absolutely crazy not to enter your details in the form below to receive even more valuable help, would you not?

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