Marketing A Marketing Consultancy Business

Marketing A Marketing Consultancy Business

This may surprise you, but quite a lot of people on my free email marketing tips list for service business owners are marketing consultants. How do I know this? Well, from time to time I do take the time to do some housekeeping, and to see how my potential clients are finding me, what search terms they are typing into Google to find me, and then seeing who is finding me by looking at their domain names in their email address.

I should perhaps not be surprised that I am often the marketing consultant to marketing consultants. Whilst it is one thing to advise a client how to attract new clients to their business, and to set up systems to ensure that they attract new clients week after week and month after month with automated marketing systems, I understand how these marketing consultants might find it difficult to do the same for their own business, because they are too close to it (just like the plumber never doing his own plumbing).

In fact, I always have my own business consultant adviser to my own business for these same reasons.

So if you are a marketing consultant, download my guide below and let me show you how I can help you.

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