Marketing Help For Coaches And Consultants UK. Free Advice

Marketing Help For Coaches & Consultants UK. Free Advice

Do you sell coaching services or consulting services? Do you need marketing help? Great, I can help you as I have helped other coaches and consultants, such as Jennie below:

“Nick’s expert knowledge in SEO and online marketing has helped me get more customers for Red Dandelion. Nick is cheerful, caring and really wants your business to succeed. I highly recommend you try his services.”
Jennie Bayliss – SME Business Coaching

Coach And Consulting Marketing Consultant

If you are a business coach or consultant and you know that your services can help more people just like you already help your current coaching or consulting clients, I guarantee that I can help you with your marketing and help you to attract as many coaching or consulting clients as you want and need. I proved marketing help for coaches, starting with my free guide, which I will share with you in a moment. First, please let me introduce myself.

I have been a marketing consultant now since 2003, and for 14 years before then I was a solicitor, carrying out the marketing for the firms I worked for. Since 2003 I have helped all sorts of service providers to win more clients with more effective marketing.

I understand what it is like to run a service business from all sides of the fence. I understand the pressure you have to win new clients whilst also maintaining your high standards of service that you pride yourself on. That is why I strongly believe in ‘marketing leverage’, that is to do a marketing activity once but then to use it in as many different ways as possible to bring new clients to your coaching or consulting practice.

Small business owners like us cannot afford to spend all day everyday marketing our businesses. We have to do the work we love to do at the same time as building a future pipeline for our services. I can show you how to do this. You will of course need to do some marketing and put in place some systems, but I guarantee that once you have done this, it gets easier and easier and the snowball of marketing momentum will start to work in your favour.

If you are a coach or consultant and you would like to make your life an awful lot easier, please download my marketing guide below and let me show you how to put in place the systems needed to build a six figure consulting or coaching business.

All I ask is one favour. When you see your coaching or consulting practice flourishing in a few months’ time, please let me know. My satisfaction comes from seeing my clients’ success, just like I know it does for you too.

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