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Marketing Ideas For Estate AgentsMost Estate Agents seem stuck in a rut when it comes to their marketing. It is not necessarily their fault, they do the same as most service providers and all copy each others’ marketing. If estate agent A advertises in a local paper, estate agent B also advertises there. If estate agent A then sees estate agent B leaflet dropping in a certain part of the town where the nicest houses are located, it is highly likely that estate agent A will do a leaflet drop in the same street one week later. This isn’t great or sensible marketing, and in my opinion estate agents miss huge opportunities to market their businesses by doing exactly the same as their competitors. Canny estate agents will think outside of the box when it comes to marketing their estate agency and try different things. The purpose of this article is to give you some marketing ideas for estate agents.
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Marketing Ideas For Estate Agents 1. Be Different And Don’t Fear Upsetting Other Estate Agents

Gerald Ratner built the most successful jewellery business in the UK by breaking with tradition and doing things completely differently. Whereas all other jewellery stores hid their prices from their shop windows and the whole jewellery purchasing process was shrouded in mystery, Ratner put the prices on jewellery and also put up huge posters with promotions on which had never been done before in the jewellery sector. His competitors sneered at him and even told him to stop bringing down the prestige of the jewellery sector. Ratner ignored them, not caring what they thought but only what worked for his business. His bank balance soon showed that he was right (before he made the infamous comments about some of his products at an Institute Of Directors event).

So my first point is that when it comes to marketing your estate agency, you absolutely must try new and different marketing methods than your competitors. If you keep doing what you have always done and what your competitors always do, you will now attract diminishing results. This is true isn’t it, or you wouldn’t be reading this now would you? Then, when you start trying new things, you have to be strong and ignore the sniping remarks from your competitors. Let their business struggle and you thrive as you try new marketing methods.

Marketing Ideas For Estate Agents 2. Be Seen As The Expert

The next step is simple, in theory. If you want to be the number 1 estate agent in your town or city, you absolutely must be seen as the property expert. This means that you must do the following:

  • Be regularly quoted in the local media talking about property prices, what’s hot and what’s not.
  • Have the most informative website about your local property sector.
  • Be connected and well respected by everyone else in the local property market.
  • Have an email marketing list to die for.

Marketing Ideas For Estate Agents 3. How To Do This

Being the expert estate agent in your property sector is vital to your success, but of course it is not a quick fix. If you want to change your estate agency business for the better and for the good, you absolutely must take this next step:

Keep in touch with clients old and new

Most estate agents complete a sale or a purchase and then fail to communicate with their client ever again. This is complete madness. The easiest clients to sell to are your past clients. The second easiest clients to sell your estate agency services to are friends and family of your past clients. Unless and until you keep in touch with each of these groups of clients on a regular basis you will never have as many clients as you want or need.

So what step can you take to easily keep in touch with clients old and new? Well, quite simply at first you send out a weekly email newsletter. “Gasp, shock, horror this chap is mad,” I hear you say. “Our clients don’t want to hear from us every week. What will we say, how will we do it”.

If this is what you are thinking, let me assure you that you are wrong. Let me also prove to you that you are wrong. How can I do this? First, let me ask you where a lot of your new estate agent leads come from these days? RightMove? Prime Location? Zoopla? Now let me ask you another question. What do each of these websites do to keep and retain their visitor loyalty? Yes, that’s right, they all send at least a weekly email marketing newsletter. So why on earth are you not doing the same? The companies that you are paying every month to send you new leads are doing what I am telling you to do. Is that not proof enough that it is well worthwhile doing?

If your next fear is “our clients don’t want it weekly”, again let me say that you are wrong. Even if someone has just bought a new house they are still very interested in house prices and to see if their latest purchase is appreciating or depreciating in value. How can they do this? Well, by looking at the new houses listed on your weekly email newsletter of course. And the beauty of email marketing is that it is practically free, and if your clients do not want to keep receiving the emails they can click the ‘unsubscribe’ button and not hear from you again. However, let me promise you this, most people will not take this step, which means that every week hundreds of people will see the name of your estate agents pop up in their email inbox. So when they do come to move house, or when their friends or family come to move house and ask them to recommend an estate agent, who are they going to recommend? If you did your job well, your name will be at the top of the list. And do you know the best thing about being the recommended estate agent? Your price is not usually challenged! They are happy to pay your fee because you are recommended. Does that sound good?

Other hidden benefits of keeping in touch with your clients through a weekly email newsletter:

  • You will spur people to sell who were not necessarily otherwise going to do so. They will see prices rising or falling and it will spur them into action. They will see their dream house on the market and suddenly you have a new house to sell as they want to buy their dream house. You miss this chance without an email newsletter.
  • You will generate new buy to let investors. The pension market is shot, so what is the safe option? We live on an island without enough housing, so it always has been and always will be property. You can suggest properties as a hot ‘buy to let investment’ and even write blogs and host webinars about how landlords can get their first property in the buy to let market. Without a weekly email you have absolutely no chance of creating new buy to let investors.
  • You will be seen as the most knowledgable expert in your home town. Isn’t that what we set out to do?

Marketing Ideas For Estate Agents Summary – Estate Agent Marketing Part 1

I know, without a shadow of a doubt, that setting up an email marketing list can transform your practice in the weeks and month’s ahead. I hope I have persuaded you that this is is the case, so I am going to stop for now and ask you to take one more step towards the success of marketing your estate agency. I will write more on marketing for estate agents shortly, but in the meantime, to find more details about my Expert Marketing Model, and to receive a special offer link to buy the email newsletter software that I use and recomomend for less than £1, plus other great marketing tips for your estate agency, enter your details in the box below and I will send you my free guide. If you like what you have read on this page, you will LOVE this free guide.

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