Peacock Or Elephant Marketing For Your Service Business?

Peacock Or Elephant Marketing For Your Service Business?

This question is all you need to help you to reach a decision about whether the type of marketing that you are considering is worth investing your time, effort and energy into.

Once you can answer this question, you can work out whether the marketing is likely to be very effective, or whether it is likely to cost a lot and be harder to produce results for your business.

So what is Peacock Or Elephant Marketing, and more importantly, what does it mean for your business?

Whenever you are approached about a new marketing method, or you are considering testing one, I want you to think about the mating habits of peacocks and elephants.

Let’s start with the peacock.

The male species of the peacock is a clever thing. When he wants to mate, he simply needs to look beautiful by fanning his immaculate tale. Why do all of the work, he thinks. Let the lady come to me. He fans his tale and any interested Hen can take it from there. Smart. Very smart.

Now let’s think about the elephant. Sadly, he has no beautiful tail to fan, so his approach is far less subtle. He just runs around jumping on any unsuspecting female that he can find. Not pretty, not elegant and often very unsuccessfully.

When it comes to small business marketing, the peacock uses attraction marketing. He attracts Hen’s to him that are looking for a male to mate with. His success is far more assured. The same will apply to you. If your business appears in front of your prospects at the exact time that they are looking to buy your type of service, you are far more likely to be successful.

However, the elephant is most definitely a representation of interruption marketing. Whilst one minute someone is minding their own business, possibly reading the newspaper or looking at a friend’s photograph on facebook, suddenly somebody’s advertisement is trying to jump off the page in front of them to grab their attention, at a time when the majority of people viewing this promotion are not ready, willing or able to buy this service. Therefore, the chances of it being successful are much smaller than appearing in front of people who are ready, willing and able to buy a service.

Run the peacocks or elephants marketing test before spending any of your marketing budget, and you will soon start spending your marketing budget in the right place more often than not, and most importantly, save yourself thousands of pounds in the process.

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