Publishing A Book On Amazon And Kindle Direct Publishing

Publishing A Book On Amazon And Kindle Direct Publishing

I now have three kindle books on Amazon and three properly or traditionally printed and published books.

Does it matter which you do, if you are thinking of publishing your first book?

No, although in my opinion, publishing on Kindle Direct Publishing is the right way to go if you want to test an idea, gain author status, prove expertise and make things happen.

It is fast, efficient, easy to promote (due to the tools provided by Amazon to help you sell more books – funny that they want you to sell more books, I wonder why that is…) and it just works.

Amazon has a huge audience of proven book buyers, so if you get your book right, you will be up and running from the get go.

Also, have you seen how many Kindles are around now? I see people sitting outside at lunchtime, on buses, trains. In my household alone we now have 4 different kindles, and there are only 4 of us. I have two, one on my ipad and a proper, bona fide kindle.

So, that is my opinion on how to publish your first book.

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