Random Small Business Marketing Thoughts

Random Small Business Marketing Thoughts

4. London Taxi Drivers And Uber

London Taxi Drivers. Uber. Works for customers. What can you learn from Uber? If your customers have shown you that they like Uber, you need to do something to compete.

3. Radical Idea For Train Companies

Train companies – here’s a radical random idea for train companies. If your customers have paid for 1st Class travel, why not actually treat them like 1st Class customers? You could learn a thing or two from the airlines, so why don’t you?

2. Ask Your Electricity Company To Come And Work At Your Place

My business’ electricity company call me an awful lot. How thoughtful.

They call me to ask me to do their job for them. They ask me to read the electricity meter for them so that they can work out how much to charge me.

Therefore, it seems only fair that if I am doing their job for them, they should come and put in a shift at my place of work too.

Ask them to do the same for you.

Fairness from electricity companies I cry!

1. E beers
E Cigarettes have taken the world by storm and reduced reliance on tobacco for many people.

If you want to hit the headlines on 1st April this year, why not release a statement saying that you have come up with the first electronic pint of beer to cut our dependence on alcohol too?

Just remember to credit me with the idea please :).

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