Selling A Service You Can Only Ever Sell Once Like This Van?

There are certain rules in business that make your life a lot easier I find. One of them is that you should run a business that makes it easy for clients to keep using your service each and every month. Not all businesses achieve this…

Selling A Service You Can Only Ever Sell Once Like This Van?

I was overtaken on my bike whilst cycling up a huge hill on my way home from work the other day.

The vehicle that past me was a van. It’s logo told me that it repaired cars that had had the wrong fuel put inside them.

It immediately depressed me.


That business will hardly ever have any repeat customers.

You might put the wrong fuel in once, but twice?

So, every new customer that they manage to attract to their business they do so knowing that that is a one time transaction.

I said the other day that the easiest way to grow your business is to sell more services to your existing clients.

This company does not have that option. Talk about making your life harder.

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