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This is Nick Jervis from Small Business Salt, Automated New Client Attraction.

Welcome to the Setting Up AWeber Email Marketing Software training series.

We’ve now set up your AWeber account, we’ve set up a form to put on your website, showed you how to get the code to put that onto your website.

There’s a couple of things I want to do just to complete the setup which AWeber doesn’t automatically make you do but which is worth doing.

We’ll do those now so go to list options, list settings. This information you filled in in the beginning so that’s all there. If we go to personalise your list you’ll see there’s no logo and no email signature so it’s worth putting those in there.

If you need to use your logo at any point it’s on the system. Global text snippets I’ll come back to at a later day, you don’t need that for setting up your Aweber email marketing software.

Load your logo just by choosing the file. Then confirmed opt-in. What will happen at the moment is as I said you people sign up for your form on your website. They go onto your email marketing list, they are sent an email to confirm that email address and that email should send them off to a page on your website not on AWeber’s.

So you need to type in here which page you want them to go to. I keep mine simple, so just add a page to my website such as or /confirmed. Confirmed is probably as easy and that will take them off to this page which will just say ‘thank you for confirming your email address, check your inbox you’ve not got what you were looking for’.

Short and simple and to the point. It’s really important that you do that so that your new email marketing database subscribers see all of your branding rather than Awebers. Now save your list settings and in the next email I’ll show you how to send your first automated email.

Free Guide – Setting Up Aweber And Using It To Grow Your Business:>>

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