Small Business Blogs UK – Why Bother?

Small Business Blogs UK – Why Bother?

To blog or not to blog for your small business, that is the question!

I have a confession before I talk about small business blogging. I was very late to blogging, a cardinal sin for a marketing expert hey. The trouble is, whilst I was doing it for a lot of my clients, just like the proverbial plumber never does his plumbing, I failed to do add my own blog. However, eventually I lobbed one up (perfection kills momentum as I always say) and guess what happened? More traffic, more sign ups for my free guide, and more clients.

So I am a huge advocate that every small business owner in the UK really must have a blog. I would definitely feature it in my top 10 marketing requirements for small business owners. In fact, I did – if you see my Top 10 Marketing Tips For Small Businesses, you will see it appearing at number 8 in my top 10 marketing tips.

If you follow my Expert Marketing Model, which is my preferred method for marketing any service based business (because in my opinion it is the best way of bringing a steady flow of new clients you without you constantly have to promote your services), a blog fits perfectly within this model.

Marketing any small business when you provide a service is about being found for your service when someone needs it. With the internet it is so much easier for someone to find you now, but only if you give yourself the best possible chance of being found. Are you doing that? Do you allow people to find you easily or are you hiding your excellent service under a bushell, so to speak?

Having a website is clearly a pre-requisite for any small business owner in the UK, but almost as important is having a blog on that website too.

Why Have A Blog For Your Small Business?

There are many reasons that you really must have a blog, so I thought it would make sense for me to put all of those reasons into a free guide, so I did. The Essential Guide To Blogging; aka ‘why every service business owner must have a blog’, is now produced and ready for you to do download. All you need to do is to add your details in the short form below and it will be with you in an instant.

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