Small Business Marketing Ideas And Tips

Small Business Marketing Ideas And Tips

4. Estate Agents Websites & Marketing

Estate agents marketing – don’t go to one of the common estate agent website design companies that sell you a template. You should be in charge of your business and your website, not a third party. Right Move seems to be pretty good, don’t you think. Why not use that as the overriding template (not to be copied, but to emulate) and go from there?

3. Marketing Your Premises With A Boards

A boards. Cheap yet still an incredibly effective marketing tool for prompting action from your clients and prospects. They work so much better than your signage which doesn’t face passers by; they have to turn to look at your signage.

An A Board stares them down as they walk along your street.

2. Do The Opposite Marketing To Your Competitors

Study your competitors. Look at the marketing they undertake. Look at their website. Look carefully, take notes, take screen shots.

Then do exactly the opposite.

It will almost certainly guarantee your success.

1. Takeaway restaurants

When business is quiet, spend some of your evening dropping menus of special offers through local doors. My local takeaway often moans when they are quiet, yet when asked they say they never do this… Sometimes the simple marketing ideas are still the best ones. Doing something is better than doing nothing.

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