Small Business Marketing Tactics Implementation

Small Business Marketing Tactics Implementation

“I Really Want To Push Myself!”

My daughter was turning the pages of a bakery cook book looking for inspiration for her next baking project. She has developed a real love of baking because she says she just loses herself in it and comes out feeling very relaxed afterwards. Interestingly, that isn’t always the way her mother feels when she sees the state of the kitchen, but ying and yang and all that….

So while she was looking for her next challenge, she uttered the line “That cake looks like it has lots of different elements; that’s great, because I really want to push myself!” I felt the same, because I do love anything lemony, and this had lots of components of lemon.

But her comment really struck me. She wanted to take on a baking challenge that would really push her to a new level. She didn’t want to do one of the cakes she has done brilliantly so many times before. She wanted a harder, more complex cake with a lot of different elements (and layers).

As a business owner, how often do we do or say what my daughter said?

In my experience of working with hundreds of different business owners, I have to say that generally it is the complete opposite. What I generally here is “Well, I have heard lots about that marketing tactic and think it could be really great for my business, but I need to understand it much better before I go ahead and test it, so for now I am just going to stick to what I have always done even though it is not really working for me at the moment”.

Of course, what happens is that they never have the time, so they never implement this great new marketing method, meaning that their business continues to drift along not really ever scaling the heights that they had hoped for when they initially started it.

Isn’t that sad? Why don’t we all have the energy of a 15 year old and want to challenge ourselves more each day, week, month and year?

Even sadder is the fact that 99% of the time the business owner would be far better off outsourcing the marketing activity in question completely, without understanding it, for the reason that not only will it get done and tested but also that it will cost less than if they try to understand and implement the marketing tactic themselves.

So in future, if you see a marketing tactic that your instinct tells you could be amazing for your business, don’t just put it to one side. Make a commitment to test it that day or as quickly as possible. Call a few suppliers of the management of the marketing tactic in question, choose the one you feel will do the best job for you and then let them get stuck into it. Don’t put off today something which could actually help your business to grow.

Push yourself harder and reap the many rewards which are guaranteed to follow.

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