Starting An Email Marketing Newsletter

Starting An Email Marketing Newsletter

If you are thinking of starting an email marketing newsletter, you might be wondering how quickly this will start working for you in terms of producing new clients for your business. After all, if you are going to put the time, effort and energy into an email marketing newsletter, you want to know that it will produce for you, yes?

Well, I have some good news and some bad news for you.

The good news is that in many cases an email marketing newsletter works instantly. As soon as the first email is sent, it produces new clients and puts money into the business bank.

On the flip side, some email marketing newsletters can take a few weeks or even months to start working in terms of producing new business, but if that puts you off, you are missing the main point.

An email marketing newsletter does so much more for you than just bring you new clients, but it will always do that too.

  • It increases your credibility as an expert;
  • It reminds people that you are there;
  • It makes the telephone ring;
  • It allows people to forward on your email newsletter to their friends and colleagues;
  • It allows them to print out your newsletter and put it on their wall, seeing your name and your business name every day (yes this does happen).

Amazon send me about three emails every day. I don’t always open them, but they send them. When I want to buy something, I remember that they exist.

Your email marketing newsletter gives you a chance of your clients and prospects remembering that you still exist.

For example, in my business, all of my best clients have come from my email marketing newsletter, many of them two years after they first signed up to my email list. Does this disappoint me? No, because when they come to me after two years of receiving my email marketing tips, they are only asking me (no other marketing consultants), they are not concerned about price (within reason – because they want to buy me as the expert not any old marketing expert) and they are ready to get going and make huge changes to their income by winning new clients on a consistent basis, month after month after month.

So an email marketing newsletter can indeed work instantly, and frequently does, but if it does not work instantly for you, let me assure you that stopping it would be the worst possible idea for your business. When it comes to email marketing, persistence and consistency (perconstance I call it) is crucial.

So many people I speak with start an email marketing newsletter for a few weeks, and then because their world hasn’t changed overnight, they give in, just before it would have started to work for them.

Look, you are old enough and wise enough to know now that when it comes to growing your business, the ‘instant, overnight, no effort route to getting rich quick’ does not exist, despite what so many people will tell you.

However, the sure fire, guaranteed way to make your business very profitable method of choosing several core marketing activities as part of your overall marketing plan, particularly when one of those is email marketing, and then consistently doing them is a really smart thing to do.

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