What stops business owners from growing their business?

What stops business owners from growing their business?

Wasted potential; I can’t stand it.

What stops business owners from growing their business?
Your biggest competition when it comes to growing your business is the one staring back at you in the mirror!

If you are good at the service that you provide then it is your duty to ensure that you serve as many clients as possible. (If you are not good at what you do, stop reading and change what you are doing or improve – quickly). Don’t think of growing your business as sales or marketing, just think of it as what it is; helping another business to become successful or more profitable quickly. If this is what you do, then you are letting yourself and your potential clients down if you do not go out of your way to find more clients and grow your business.

So, what usually stops business owners from growing their business?

I can dress this up in a number of ways, but ultimately it comes down to guts. Sometimes, as a business owner, you have to grow a pair! If you think that is a bit brash, I don’t really care, so long as the point I am making hits you and hits you hard.

What I mean here is that when you make the decision to grow your business and seriously commit to it, I promise you that the only difference between success and failure will be you. You are the only person who is going to derail your plans. Not your clients, not your marketing man or woman, the government or the media company you work with, but you.

Why are you going to do this?

It boils down to one of these three major factors in my experience:

  1. You are scared of achieving your full potential;
  2. You enjoy playing the ‘business owner victim’ card too much; or
  3. You simply do not ‘commit’ to the process.

You are scared of achieving your full potential.

I believe this is one of the biggest. You might never admit this; I know most business owners will not, but I also know that it is a major factor. Maybe your teacher always told you that you would never amount to anything, or your parents did, or they pushed you always to obtain a ‘steady’ job but never to get too wealthy as they deemed that as ‘crass’.

There will be a reason why you are not reaching your potential. You probably know what it is if this applies to you. Unless you blast through this self-imposed barrier you are not going to make any progress.

I cannot tell you how many service business owners let this stop them from growing their businesses. The really frustrating part about this is that it is usually just at the point that they are about to turn a corner that they pull back and stop taking the actions that are going to give them the results they seemingly crave. They might spend some money on a website and a Google Adwords campaign only to pull the plug within a month or two because they are fearful of success. They can appease themselves that ‘at least they tried’. Three months is normally enough time to ‘try’ Google Adwords and get results by the way, not one month. Giving up just before success; what a killer. Potential not achieved. Wasted opportunity.

You enjoy playing the ‘business owner victim’ card too much.

This one is bizarre, but in the past I came across a lot of these types of business owner. I couldn’t understand what was going on. They were doing 80% of what they needed to do but then they would never finish. I looked at a particular group of clients and I noticed a common trait amongst them – negativity. They loved to bemoan all of the reasons why they were not as successful as they would like to be, with one commonality, it was never their fault. The world was against them. Their staff were against them. Everyone was against them.

I can now spot these negative, narrow minded business owners a mile away. If you are one of them, please, do me a favour, go and find another business growth specialist. I am not prepared to work with you. I value my life and my business far too much to let you try and drag me into your cess pit of misery and doom.


If you recognise that you are one of these people and want to change, go off and find yourself a good life coach who will work with you on your mindset. Ensure that they have a proven track record of success and get the help that you need. And stop watching Eastenders. Yuk. Poisonous.

You simply do not commit to the process.

This one is really interesting to me, as I realise that it stops many good people from achieving the success that they deserve. They are not negative, they want the best for themselves and their business, they take the necessary action but they don’t commit to complete on their actions with an external party for a hefty sum to ensure that they do it.

I recognise this problem which is why I always work with at least one or two business mentors to ensure that I take the actions necessary to grow my business.

I have been writing a business book for many years; far too many years. I am not writing it to make money, don’t ever write a book for that reason, but because I genuinely want to help more business owners. I know that many simply cannot afford to work with me, so a book allows me to get my methods out there for use by anyone. My first book is for the legal market, but there will be others because I love to write.

Anyway, the point about commitment…. I finished this book because my mentor made me commit to do so by a certain date. Well, actually, he made me commit to booking two days away to finish writing my book when I had stalled near the end, and to have those dates booked in within a month. Me, being me, then wanted to beat that commitment, so I finished the book within that month. However, the point is that the book which had taken around 7 years from start to finish was completed.

Commit to someone to make you do the things that will make the difference, pay them enough to hurt you if you don’t succeed, then get on with it.

Commit to me?

If this has struck a chord with you, as long as you don’t fit in the negative camp, select the button below to find more about my mentorship services. I promise you, you will have to pay enough to ensure that you follow through on your commitments. I charge a proper fee for my services because if you do your part, you will get the results that will cover my fee many, many times over.

Are you ready to commit to your business growth?

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