Strategic Coach Programme Review UK

Strategic Coach Reviews. Strategic Coach Programme Review UK

This is my personal review of the UK Strategic Coach Programme.

Like any coaching or consultancy programme, it is all a very personal experience, so my review is based on my experience.

I enjoyed the year, I feel I received value for the money invested, but I did not continue into the second year because I could not see that I would receive value again.

I think whether you will receive value will very much depend on what you are looking for from the programme.

I had been running my business since 2003 when I joined in 2014. I had been involved in mastermind programmes (set up and run by yours truly with a group of entrepreneurs), have attended many conferences and seminars (being a marketing consultant means I must get out and see what people are doing perhaps more than most business owners) and have read countless business and marketing books.

Therefore, I suppose what I needed more than anything was not theory or tools to use to help me in business, but a more hands on coaching experience from someone with knowledge and experience of my type of business (now a software company, marketing agency and marketing consultancy).

This is not what I believe Strategic Coach claims to offer or does offer.

It provides much more of a Liam Neeson approach (think Taken, Taken 2, Taken 3), in that it provides a ‘very particular set of tools’ developed over the years by Strategic Coach founder Dan Sullivan which you can use in your business.

It does not claim to nor does it tailor these tools to your business, and if you are not an Independent Financial Adviser, which seems to have been the main focus of the course over the years, there are few case studies or examples of how these tools have helped other businesses from other business sectors.

What I found slightly frustrating was that one of the first things we were told on entering the course was that we must never at any point sell our products or services to any other members of the group. However, at every meeting from the first of the four in the first year, we were relentlessly asked to recommend other business owners to the Strategic Coach Programme.

My other big disappointment was the lack of interest in me or my business. It was very much a case of ‘here are the tools that we have developed, use them’ without any application to the businesses in the room. In my course, probably half or more were IFA’s, so maybe it worked better for them, although the ones I spoke with aired similar views to my own.

However, the use of Kolbe tests to determine personality types was useful, and the goal setting, reviewing goals and some other tools were all useful. As I mentioned, they provided value for me.

Ultimately, as I said at the start of this Strategic Coach Programme Review, it will very much depend on your position and the type of support you need now.

I would say if you have a reasonably large team of people in your business, and especially if you are in the Financial Services market, you will gain more benefit from the course than if you are looking for a more one on one coaching experience with someone who will take the time to get to know and understand your unique challenges.

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