The Best Time To Start Your Email Marketing Newsletter?

The Best Time To Start Your Email Marketing Newsletter?

When is the best time to start your email marketing newsletter?

The best time to start your email marketing newsletter was yesterday. Did you start it then? No, well go and start it today then, because that is the next best time. Here is the software that I use and recommend AWeber.

Don’t miss the next best time to start your email marketing newsletter. Every day that you wait costs you a small fortune in lost income, lost new referrers and lost friends (those people who will become friends in years to come, having started their journey with you by reading your email marketing newsletter).

So often business owners tell me that they are going to start their email marketing newsletter as soon as they have uploaded all of their old contact and clients email addresses into their email marketing software.

“I am not going to start before then, there is simply no point” they say.

In that sentence, they cost themselves thousands of pounds in lost revenue.


Perfection kills momentum.

This is one of my favourite sayings because it is so true when it comes to marketing a small service based business.

If the said business owner started his email marketing newsletter today, avoiding his or her desire for starting the perfect newsletter whenever, these two huge improvements would take place:

  1. Having an email marketing newsletter database, he would quickly start to build it. Yes, it would start with a total list of 0 entries, but very soon that would be 10, then 20, then 100, then 1,000 because having that list would focus the business owner’s mind on growing it. Having no email marketing list means that the business owner doesn’t think about it. Yes, he or she is going to add all of these amazing email addresses from all of these old clients and prospects (who he or she hasn’t contacted for the last 10 years anyway so most of them will be out of date and bounce), but that hasn’t happened yet, so he or she doesn’t do anything. They continue to not have an email marketing newsletter. They continue to not make the easy money that comes from an email marketing newsletter.
  2. Once they have an email marketing newsletter, they then need to create content to fill this email marketing newsletter. Bingo! This new content becomes a new blog or article on their website, which in turn means that Google sends more visitors to their website to discover more about their services. Because the business owner is clever, they used the email marketing software that I told them about, AWeber, which allows them to create forms on their website to add even more people to their email marketing newsletter database (see the form at the bottom of this page which was created using AWeber too). Now they have more people being added to their email marketing database just because they started one in the first place. Double whammy.

The perfection of waiting to add all of your old clients and prospects to your email marketing database means that it never actually happens. Nobody joins your email marketing list because you didn’t start it. Nobody buys your services from your email newsletter because you never send one. No press contact you from your email newsletter for a quote in the local or business media because they didn’t find your website in the first place because you have never added any new content to your website, which starting an email marketing newsletter would compel you to do.

So starting an email marketing newsletter not only allows you to contact prospects old and new on a regular basis, it also brings more people to your website with all of this additional content that you create.

The best time to start your email marketing newsletter is today, right now, this minute.

No excuses, get on and do it, you can thank me later (and you will): Test AWeber Now:>>

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