The Marketing Consultant To Marketing Consultants

The Marketing Consultant To Marketing Consultants

You might be surprised to hear that quite a lot of the service business owners on my email marketing list are marketing consultants, but they are!

How do I know this? Well, being a marketing consultant myself, I like to know what is working to bring new prospects to my business. This involves checking the keywords people typed into Google to find my website, seeing which pages they landed on to see if they could be tweaked to provide more of the answer to the users search, and then seeing what types of business owners have found their way to my website. I do this by checking their domain name, and whilst many people who I am sure are marketing consultants use a gmail address to hide this information from me, others are less cautious. So I can see that quite a lot of them are marketing consultants.

So why does a marketing consultant need their own marketing consultant? Well, the answer is quite simple. Whilst a marketing client might easily be able to advise one of their clients how to create an automated marketing system to attract new clients to their business each and every month, it is often much harder to stand back from their own business to do the same thing. You have all heard the expression that a plumber always has leaky taps, well it is much the same thing with the marketing consultant.

Following on from this, you should not be surprised to hear that I have my own business consultant. It would be somewhat hypocritical for me to provide a service which I did not consume myself, would it not?

So whatever service business you are in, even if you are a marketing consultant, if you do not yet have enough clients, or are relying on only one or two marketing tactics to produce your new clients, now might be the time to call in this marketing consultant to help you. You can start the easy way too, so it doesn’t have to cost you a penny. Simply download the free guide below, and once you have it, I will show you how you can set up a free 20 minute call with me so we can discuss how to fix your new client shortfall, and quickly!

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