The Problem With Starting Something In Business

The problem with starting something in business …

  • You will encounter problems
  • It could be difficult
  • People may laugh at you
  • Obstacles you may not know how to get around will appear
  • You will experience setbacks
  • Someone else might do it better than you
  • It could cost a lot
  • It’s easier to do nothing
  • Your teacher said you would never amount to anything so why prove them wrong
  • You have bills to pay
  • You have a young family to support
  • You don’t have enough capital behind you
  • You don’t have any capital behind you
  • You don’t know anyone else who has done it
  • Someone could steal your idea
  • It might break you
  • You might have to take a risk
  • Your team could go off and set up on their own to do it
  • Your parents or in laws may raise their eyes to heaven… Again
  • Whats wrong with mediocrity anyway?
  • You don’t yet have all of the answers
  • Your partner doesn’t want you to do it
  • You might fail
  • It might just work
  • You just might finish it…

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