The New Client FlowCast – The Successful Service Business Marketing Model

I have the complete solution to all of your small business marketing problems. Like all of the best solutions, it is incredibly simple. You can start using this solution tomorrow and in one, two or three months you will have all of the new clients you have ever wanted or needed. Businesses who fail to follow this marketing blueprint or model often struggle. Some of them fail to follow this system so badly that they go out of business, perhaps because they have never heard of this system, or more importantly simply not applied the model to their business. I fell partly reponsible for them; the system is mine after all!

Before I introduce you to the simple system which can secure the future of your business, let me start by explaining the problem that makes the solution so important. Without doubt the single biggest problem that I find when speaking with any service business owner is that they are relying on only one or two methods for generating new enquiries. Whether the business I speak with has engaged me for a Hidden Profits Discovery Meeting or a one hour telephone consultancy, I always run through the methods that they are using to generate new client enquiries. I might hope for four or five really fruitful methods that regularly produce new client instructions, or even more if they have a well rounded marketing mix. However, sadly I am usually lucky if there are two methods that every month make the phone ring and put money in the business bank account. The problem with this is that it leaves the business owner in a very precarious position. If they are relying on only one or two methods for producing new instructions, what happens when one of those methods stops working? I know from bitter experience that what usually happens is the business suddenly shrinks, and shrinks rapidly, often fatally.

Imagine you are reliant on just two methods of finding new clients; say client referrals and Google Adwords. Imagine that Google Adwords suddenly stops working for one of many reasons (Google loses its dominance in the search market or lots of your competitors start using Pay Per Click and they have bigger budgets than you). Now you have only one method of bringing in new clients. If Google Adwords was responsible for 50% of your new clients, that has now disappeared and you now only generate new clients from referrals. You business is going to generate half the profits or less than it was achieving last month. If you have staff you will have to let some go. If you work alone, suddenly your profits drop substantially. Will you still be able to pay the mortgage? I am being completely stark about this because I have seen it happen too many times already. I do not want it to happen to you so I need to make you think about this incredibly seriously.

What Is Your Position?

Are you in this same position? Is your business relying on only one or two methods for winning new instructions regularly? If so, you MUST change this and change this very soon. You must start using my Profit FlowCast small business marketing model to generate new clients.

The New Client FlowCast Small Business Marketing Model

I want you to imagine a river; let’s say it is the River Thames. Now the Thames has its source, but it also has around 20 tributaries feeding it so that by the time it reaches London it is flowing fast and it is very wide. If the Thames lost one of its tributaries, for example if a housing developer diverted a stream to build a new development, the Thames would still keep flowing. However, if all 20 tributaries were diverted elsewhere and the source was blocked, the Thames would disappear. Of course this is highly unlikely to happen because there is just too much water to divert elsewhere but it is useful for proving a point for you. I want your business to be just like the Thames and to be unstoppable. Imagine your profits are the River Thames itself, and the tributaries are your methods for generating new clients. If you have 20 methods for bringing in new clients your business will not be harmed if one of them (such as Google Adwords in the example above) stops working. However, if you are relying on only two methods (tributaries) and one of them stops working, your profits reduce. This is the The New Client FlowCast model.

The diagram below shows how much your New Client FlowCast might be with only one or two sources of new clients, but as you move down the diagrams below, notice how the profits increase as you add new methods:

The Profit Flowcast Small Business Marketing Model
The Profit Flowcast Small Business Marketing Model
The Profit Flowcast Small Business Marketing Model
The Profit Flowcast Small Business Marketing Model

My Advice To You

If you have only one or two methods producing new clients for you, work tirelessly to change this sooner rather than later. When you have five or six methods, you can rest a little easier (and the increased profits from your hard endeavours will allow you to do this). Until then, keep adding tributaries to your New Client FlowCast to ensure the future success of your business.

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