Rainy Days And Your Small Business Marketing?

Rainy Days And Your Small Business Marketing?

On a rainy, windy, miserable day, the weather truly sucks!

When it comes to weather we are a nation that is obsessed, and why not. The UK really is a country that sucks at consistency and smooth performance in the weather stakes. In that way, the weather is not too dissimilar than a lot of small business marketing in that you never know what you are going to get! Yet to be successful at small business marketing, your business absolutely must know what it is going to get from you in terms of marketing it.

I meet so many small business owners who complain that they tried marketing and it didn’t work. When I ask them exactly what they mean and what they tried, they usually say that they put one advertisement in a newspaper and it didn’t make the telephone ring off the hook. When I ask them if their advertisement was in the right publication for their target market, whether they followed my PASTOR advertising system when they wrote their advertisement (they usually just put their logo at the top and a list of their services – eeek) and whether they included an offer with a deadline, they decide I am clearly from another planet.

Marketing is not a one off exercise. Marketing is promoting your services in the right places at the right time and doing this consistently. The consistency and persistence, or perconstance as I call it, is what makes the difference between success and failure. If you really want your small business to thrive, you have to find at least three or four methods of promoting your services and then spend time fine tuning each one of them until they provide you with a constant stream of new client enquiries. Then when they are all optimised and working as hard as they possibly can for you, add some more marketing methods into the mix.

The secret to successful marketing is improving your current small business marketing methods, trying new marketing ideas and above all else perconstance. Put this new word into your dictionary over the course of the next 12 months and I guarantee that you will have an amazing year, in spite of our country’s shocking weather and economy!

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