Why it is vital that you split test your google adwords advertisements

Why it is vital that you split test your google adwords advertisements

If you spend any time working on your Google Adwords campaigns, you know that Google uses it’s own scoring system called Ad Rank to determine how close to the top of the search results you feature for your chosen keywords.
Why it is vital that you split test your google adwords advertisements
Ad Rank is incredibly important. If you get a better Ad Rank, you get to the top of Google Adwords results by spending less than your competition. It is a smart thing to do.

When you consider now that there are a maximum of four Adwords spots that mean anything, the first four at the top of the page, it is even more important. In my opinion, if your Google Adwords” Advertisement is not in one of these top four positions, you simply won’t get any meaningful traffic. Whilst ideally you want to be in position one, you can still get results from position four because most of your competitors will not be running their Google Adwords campaigns as efficiently as they should be. So if you do it better, you can beat them from position four.

However, wouldn’t it be nicer to be in position one and to spend less than your competition?

You can do this with an excellent Ad Rank.

One of the most important factors of achieving this excellent Ad Rank is to write really effective Google Adwords Ad Copy – your advertisements.

If you write compelling Google Ad Copy, you receive more clicks for each 100 impressions (your Click Through Rate) which improves your Ad Rank.

If this is the case, why do so few people spend the time that they should do split testing their advertisement copy?

I take over a lot of Google Adwords campaigns from other agencies, and the split testing that they carry out is often really weak.

Why is this?

I think it is one main reason. Most Adwords agencies are full of technically gifted people as opposed to marketing people.

Split testing advertisement copy is a pure marketing exercise. I am a marketing man. Split testing is a dream for me. Google allows me to write two advertisements, run them alongside each other for 100 or 1000 impressions and then it let’s me know which one is working better (has a better Click Through Rate).

I can then pause the poorer performing advertisement, select “copy and edit” from my current winning advertisement, then change it to try and beat my current control advertisement.

If I keep on doing this forever my Click Through Rate continually improves, which means that my Ad Rank does too, which means that I keep getting to the top of Google knowing that I am achieving this for less money for my clients than their competitors are doing to get to positions two to four.

If you are running a Google Adwords Campaign, continually improving your Adwords Ad Copy is an incredibly important thing to do.

In the next article I will give you some ideas for split testing your Adwords ad copy.

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