Website Analytics – Business school of witchcraft and mystery!

Website Analytics – Business school of witchcraft and mystery!

Understanding Google Analytics For Service Business Owners
Count your grains of salt and you will soon have a full cellar!

So you’ve got a website for your service business.

You might even get some visitors to it.

But here’s the crucial question:

Do you know how people are finding your website every month?

Do you know where each website visitor has come from, and what they were searching to find your site?

Or is it all witchcraft and mystery?

If it’s the latter, then – you’ve guessed it – that needs to change.

So here’s my recommendation:

At least once a month, you need to carry out a full and extensive audit of your website analytics and discover:

  • Which search engine (or other websites) your website traffic is coming from
  • What people are typing into the search engines to reach your site
  • Whether the page they land on is relevant to their search query
  • How long people are staying on your site, and what the most popular pages are

Doing this exercise every month (as I do), ensures that your website is as effective as possible when it comes to serving your audience, generating the right quality of leads and creating the maximum number of customers.

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