Website Conversion Tips And Ideas

Website Conversion Tips And Ideas

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10. Answer Your Prospects Fears In Your Website Copywriting.

Every page on your website must answer your audiences objections, fears and concerns.

Failure to do this leaves your prospect running for the back button. Remember that your website does the job your sales team used to do, so your website copy must cover all of the objections that used to be covered face to face!

9. Your First Paragraph Must Also…

Your opening paragraph of a website page must include the keywords that you are targeting on that page. We are not talking about keyword cramming here, but if you are doing this correctly, it will be natural to talk around the topic of the page which will also naturally allow you to include the keyword.

8. The First Paragraph On Every Page Of Your Website Must..

The first paragraph on every page of your website should develop your headline and sub headline further still, starting to explain why you are the right business to help your website visitor with their current problem or challenge.

Ensure that it sets the tone for the rest of the page.

7. Website Sub Headings

Follow your headline with a further enticement in your sub headline which expands upon your headline and deepens the intrigue encouraging me to read on to find out more.

6. Website Headlines.

Ensure that the headline on your website includes the keywords that you are targeting for that page in your H1 tag. Google is looking for signals all of the time. Your H1 tag is a very important signal.

Is it being neglected?

5. Make Your Headline Make Me Beg For More.

If your headline is lackluster or limp, why would I want to read on? Your headline should tease me and entice me, making me want to read on and discover more on the particular page of your website.

4. Use Google Adwords

Use Google Adwords. If you are not yet using Google Adwords and are spending all of your money only on Search Engine Marketing, you are missing an incredibly large amount of new clients for your business. Organic Search Marketing has changed for good and is not producing the same results. Google Adwords can tip the balance back in your favour fast.

Will you do it, or are you happy to let your competitors have all of those clients?

3. Break Up Long Website Pages

Break up long pages with images, bullet points and sub headings. Some people like to read a lot of copy before making a decision to contact you, others like to skim read. Fail to appeal to both of these potential client groups and you throw money out of the window – a lot of it!

2. Use Leading Capitals In Your Title And Description Tags

Use leading capitals in your title and description tags. When your website appears in the top 10 organic search results it will mean you obtain more clicks through to your website.

No extra cost.

More clicks.

Worth doing?

1. Ensure every page on your website ends with a call to action.

So frequently a website does everything right, then the visitor reaches the end of the page and is not told what to do.

They will not hunt around your side and go to your contact page; they are too busy. Fail to add a call to action and you fail to win new business.

End every page with a call to action (with a variety of methods of contact to suit your various visitor types).


How To Make Your Service Business Website Please Google And Your Clients