What’s Your Attitude Like Service Business Owner?

What’s Your Attitude Like Service Business Owner?

Do you need more clients for your business, yet have no time to read marketing books, marketing blogs and articles?

Do you want things to change for the good and for the better, but you keep on doing the same thing, day in and day out and getting the same or worse results?

“Keep doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results = Insanity” Albert Einstein

Do you desperately need more clients, yet are not prepared to invest in yourself or the marketing of your business?

Do you bemoan yourself and your situation, blaming industry changes and not accepting any responsibility for yourself?

Do you say that you would do more marketing and turn things around if only you had some money to do so?

Do you blame your staff for your present situation?


Well, please let me help you. My first Golden Rule Of Small Business Marketing can fix this problem instantly and permanently.

“It’s all your fault.”

Everything, all of the problems above and more. It is all completely and utterly your fault. Your attitude is the problem, not the economy, not your competitors, not your staff or the Government. The buck stops with you.

When you accept that, when you realise that this is true, and it is by the way, you should feel empowered. Because if it is all your fault that you are in the position you now find you are in, you can absolutely change it, and do so quickly.

You can immediately start trying and testing new marketing tactics and instantly start winning more client instructions and making more profits. If one of your gripes is that you don’t have the money to do any marketing, go and get a small business loan. If you do the right marketing tactic it will work and work instantly, so don’t sit there bemoaning lack of finances as your problem, because again, that would be just your fault for not taking positive action and changing that position.

I have worked with Independent Financial Advisers, Estate Agents, Personal Trainers, Solicitors, Accountants and all types of businesses that sell services. They all had one thing in common when they came to work with me, they were hungry for more clients and they knew that ultimately it was down to them (with my help and guidance) to improve things.

You can sit there with a bad attitude, or you can take action and get some more clients coming through the door. The good news is that it is completely up to you which one you decide to do.

The power is in your hands; what is your choice?

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