Why Checking Your Email First Thing Every Day Is Ridiculous

Why Checking Your Email First Thing Every Day Is Ridiculous

Why Checking Your Email First Thing Every Day Is Ridiculous
If you check your emails first thing every day, you are in need of a reality check.

Every business owner who I meet who is successful; and I mean by that consistently successful, does not check their email first thing every day.

They know that if they do that they will NEVER achieve success.


Well, here are the main reasons why checking your email first thing every morning will stop you from achieving your goals:

  • You allow someone else to control your working day, when the only way to grow your business consistently is to spend the first 30 minutes of every day working on your business. By checking emails first thing every day you allow your brain to start thinking about what other people expect of you on that day, not what you expect of yourself.
  • It shows a lack of self discipline. Think about it. If you can’t stop yourself checking your emails, what can you actually make yourself do to grow your business? Self discipline is another trait of hugely successful business owners and entrepreneurs.
  • It shows you have failed to plan your day. Guess what? Planning your day is another one of the things that successful people do. Failing to plan your day is the thing that ‘getters by’ do.
  • It often shows a need for approval or reassurance from others. You know, you get a bit flat. You need a lift. How can I get a lift? Ooh, perhaps there is something interesting in my inbox. Quick. Look. What is there? Anything? No, of course not. Get the lift you need from doing some of your best work, not from checking your email. Or if you need a regular pat on the back, pay a coach to provide that for you. Don’t check your email though.
  • It reduces efficiency. If you are reading this and thinking, yes but I need to know what is coming up and that I have to deal with later, you are still kidding yourself. No business owner is that important. Unless you are a heart surgeon on call, with email the only way of getting hold of you, you are not that important that you need to check your email to see what is going on. If you check your inbox before doing your meaningful work, whatever that is, your meaningful work will not be as good as it could or should be. Why? Because your mind will be on all the ‘stuff’ you have allowed to enter it by checking your emails.


You can make any number of excuses about why you absolutely have to check your emails first thing, but realise that they are just that; excuses.

You really aren’t that important.

Your emails definitely aren’t that important.

You will know this to be true because what happens when you are away on holiday, or absent for a few days with no internet connection?

Nothing, that’s what happens.

So what will happen if you stop checking your email inbox first thing every morning for the next month, and instead do your best work on growing your business every single day?


That something could be a small improvement in your business, or it could be a huge one.

The only way to find out is to man/woman up and get on with it.

Will you?

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