Why Every Small Business Owner Should Write A Blog Regularly

Why Every Small Business Owner Should Write A Blog Regularly

To blog or not to blog, that is the question. The answer is a resounding yes. Every small business owner should write a blog regularly if they want more visitors and more clients from their website. I will explain why in this article.

Why Every Small Business Owner Should Write A Blog Regularly

What is a blog? These days it is any article answering a question that is already going on inside your perfect client’s mind.

Why is it a good thing to blog?

People, more importantly your clients, only go looking for help when they are stuck. They want something good to happen, or want to avoid something bad happening, so they head online and go looking for some answers.

If you have written a blog that specifically answers their question, there is a good chance of you being found in the search results. If you are near the top, there is a great chance that a perfect client will arrive at your website. If you do the next part right, that is, end every blog post you write with a very clear and specific call to action, you have an excellent chance of your perfect client getting in touch with you.

Now that you know this, clearly the answer to my subject headline is yes. Blogging is an excellent thing for every small business owner to do.

So, why is it then, when I speak with people on one of my “More Clients Now” strategy calls, nine out of ten admit to having a blog on their website but confess that they have not added a new one for a long time.

When I ask the next question of “Does your blog bring in new prospects for you?” I am more often than not met with the response:

“Oh yes, one of our blogs attracts hundreds of visitors every month.”

I then ask my next question:

“So if you have one blog attracting hundreds of visitors every month, why don’t you blog more often so that you get several blogs doing this for you?”

This is always met with silence.

Are you making this same mistake?

When did you last look at your Google Analytics to see which page on your website is your most visited page? More often than not, after your home page, it will be one blog post that you wrote which answers a very specific question being asked by your prospects.

Blogging for service business owners is a very smart thing to do.

Blogging every month is a great thing to do.

Blogging every week is genius.

Pop “write this week’s blog post” in your diary if you agree.

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