How To Write Your Business Book – A Ride And Write Day

How To Write Your Business Book – A Ride And Write Day

How To Write Your Business Book – A Ride And Write Day
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I have been writing my business book about growing a law firm for some time now – far too long in fact.

It was getting to the point that I simply had to get it finished. I was so close, yet also I knew so far. I needed around another 10,000 words to complete the project, then I was done.

I decided to finish it in one day. I knew it would be a long day, but I knew that the book just had to be finished and finished on one day or I could keep it going forever.

I scheduled a ‘ride and write day’.

I knew that the finishing of the book was not a task that I could complete simply sitting behind my desk. I knew that if I did that I would all to easily allow myself to find some distractions in the form of client work to stop me completing the task. I had to get it finished.

My ride and write day consisted of just that; ride down the M5 until the first services, stop and write my book for the two permitted hours, then ride to the next services and repeat the process.

This ‘ride and write’ process had a couple of real benefits for me.

First, it provided the focus that I needed to get the writing done. I was only doing this to write my book and to finish it, so that was all I was allowing myself to do at each service station.

Secondly, the journey between each step became almost as important as the book writing itself, because it gave me quiet time to just think about the next part of the book that I was going to be writing. By the time I arrived at the next service station I had already prepared for it in my mind and knew what I was going to be writing. This was an important part of the process.

After two stops I had made real progress. After three stops I was at the point where I needed an internet connection to finish off the research that I had left marked throughout the book with ‘xxx’ so that I could quickly find it with a Word document search.

I headed back to my office and by 7pm my ‘ride and write’ day was over and my book was completed.

If you have a business book inside you, I can thoroughly recommend a ‘ride and write day’ to get the job completed.

Focus, clarity and no distractions make it easy to complete the task in hand.
If you are or have written a business book, what did you do to ensure you completed the task?

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