What Should You Write About In Your Email Marketing Newsletter?

What Should You Write About In Your Email Marketing Newsletter?

I find that people worry far too much about what they are going to write about in their email marketing and who they are writing to, but they really don’t need to.

What Should You Write About In Your Email Marketing Newsletter?
What should you write about in your email marketing newsletter?

If you are reading this, it is because you are either running or about to run a business that delivers a good service. You know your onions. I am lucky in that these are the business owners that seem to hunt me out, and I love that. I don’t teach people how to ‘get rich quick’, like so many other people out there on that big web thingamyjig. I just give real, practical, implementable advice that will help you to grow your business.

So when it comes to the content for your email marketing newsletter, guess what I suggest you do?

Give real, practical, implementable advice that your clients and prospects will find genuinely useful.

“But Nick, what if I give such good advice that they decide they can do everything without me?”

I know this is a big fear for many business owners, but it really shouldn’t be for two very important reasons:

  1. It will rarely happen;
  2. Those that do this won’t be your ideal clients, yet.

Some people will believe that they can go it alone. Some people will never spend any money to grow their business; good luck to them I say. They will go one of two ways, usually. They will either start to do what you teach them and then get stuck, in which case you are now the only person that they are going to turn to for help, or they will do it badly, missing the key elements which you know are the difference between success and failure and so will fail.

Some might make it all the way on their own, but that is fine too. There are plenty of clients out there for us all.

But this point leads me on to what I see as one of the biggest problems that many business owners have when it comes to growing their business; ‘fear’.

They have fear that their competitors will steal their expertise if they put all of their content on their website or in their email newsletters, or fear that their clients will go it alone and do it all themselves, or fear that their brilliant new idea will be stolen if they put it out into the world. This last one is a killer.

It is never, ever about the ‘idea’, it is ALWAYS about the implementation of the idea. So many people have such good ideas which sit there and rot for years never seeing the light of day. What a shame.

I am not suggesting that you should act upon every idea you have; that is a recipe for disaster.

You have to ensure that you are producing your bread and butter today first before you start working on your jam tomorrow LINK (i.e. the money to pay the bills today versus the jackpot in the future), then, once you are doing that, you can think about implementing your ideas, as long as they are congruent with your current business model.

For example, I have loads of ideas. I don’t act upon them all.

As someone who loves cooking, one of my ideas was to create ready meals with all the ingredients chopped and ready to cook from fresh for people that are not so confident at cooking but want to give it a go. I had this idea about 6 years ago. In the last year Scratch has hit the supermarket shelves. Someone else had the same idea as me too. They implemented it, I didn’t. It was the right decision for me because it was totally unrelated to my current business – helping service business owners to grow their businesses.

However, another idea I had whilst lying on a beautiful Caribbean beach I have implemented because it was totally congruent with my business; i.e. it generates clients for my clients and it does it completely automatically without any input on their behalf. That is Your Website Genie for you. Congruent idea implemented and working well.

Wow, I think I just went off on a tangent, but having had so many talks with service business owners about this very challenge, I thought I better tackle this issue too. I hope it was helpful.

Back to your email content; the main points are these:

  1. Be you.
  2. Give great value in your emails which helps your clients whilst at the same time proving that you really are a specialist in your chosen field.
  3. End with options for people to make contact with you or try your services.

Follow this for your email newsletter content and I promise you that you will get results in terms of winning new clients.

Having said that content is crucial, which it is, I will slightly contradict myself by saying that even if you have great content in your email marketing newsletters, unless you follow the advice contained within my next email, you will fail with your email marketing.

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