Your Service Business Website Home Page Is Irrelevant

Your Service Business Website Home Page Is Irrelevant

“Your service business website home page is irrelevant!”

Do you agree or disagree with that statement?

If you think about my angle, that of being a marketing man and that to me it is all about explaining to you how to win new clients, that might seem strange. However, in that regard it is completely true.

Your home page is irrelevant.


Because the people going to your home page already know you. Either they are returning to find your contact details, or they have been recommended to you specifically and so are just looking for your contact details or a little more information.

This is why it always makes me smile when people spend so long working on their home page, yet most of their new enquiries will come from their main service pages and their best blog posts on the inside of their website.

Your home page has one job only; to get your visitors who already know you to the information that they are looking for quickly.

Therefore, your home page should allow them to jump to the following very quickly:

  • Your contact details (preferably on the home page to save them having to click away)
  • Your free enquiry form (you do have one on each page don’t you?)
  • Links to your main services
  • Proof of your expertise (testimonials/press coverage/qualifications and memberships) so that those recommended to you can instantly see that you are as good as they were told you are.

This is all that your home page needs to do.

Next time, I will explain what your inner pages must do, and why OPPP is a very important acronym to remember when writing them.

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