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Garden Office Ideas | Ideas For Your Home Garden Office

Garden Office IdeasLooking For Garden Office Ideas? How About This Garden Hub as An Idea For Your Home Garden Office? Or How About A Shipping Container As A Garden Office Idea?

We have all learned in recent years that working from home can be a wondrous thing.

The freedom of working in your day wear, nightwear, whatever wear you fancy.

Start when you want, work longer than you expected.

Home working really can be great, except maybe for the dog, the cat, the children, the other half ‘popping in’ for a chat, or to ask you a question that simply can’t wait until the end of the working day (can wait, should wait).

Well, all of these small issues can be removed with a lovely garden home office.

Whether you have acres of land in which to place your home garden office, or just a very small corner of the garden, it is a space that you can call work home from home.

Here are some garden office ideas for you for inspiration.

The Standard Slightly Better Than Shed Garden Office

Starting from as little as £1,000, these are the starter idea for your home garden office.

They may lack some of the finer details, such as insulation, double glazing, power and comfort, but for those on a tight budget it is away of escaping the office to do your best work in your garden office.

The Super Plus, Lovely Hub Garden Offices

Let’s take you from one extreme to the other.

From cold and bare to warm, double glazed luxury, with or without sheltered outdoor seating area, but looking truly fabulous in any garden.