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Google Adwords Campaign Management Services – Why Me?

When it comes to choosing a Google Adwords campaign management service provider, what are you looking for? What questions should you be asking? Is a Google Partner badge enough, or do you need more from your service provider?

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Let me explain what I believe are the important factors in choosing your Google Adwords campaign management service provider, and set out why I think my services are very different from a many other providers out there.

1. It’s a marketing thang.

My background is firmly planted in marketing; well to be fair sales and marketing.

It is really important that you understand a very simple but vital point when it comes to marketing.

There are only two types of marketing:

  • Good or bad marketing; also known as
  • Interruption or attraction marketing

Bad marketing, interruption marketing, tries to stop you doing what you are currently doing to read the message. It jumps up and down in front of you at a time when you may or may not have any interest in the message being delivered.

Examples of this are all forms of social media (if you think this is the answer to any ‘I need more clients’ question, I am pleased to tell you that it isn’t), newspaper advertising or TV or radio advertising.

Think about newspaper advertising. You haven’t picked up the newspaper to find a new service provider. You have picked it up to read the news, the sport or whichever part of the paper that you are interested in. An advertisement’s job is to try and distract you (interrupt you) from your primary purpose and make you read about the service or product being advertised. It is a difficult job.

So if these are all examples of bad marketing, what is an example of good marketing (or attraction marketing)?

Attraction marketing is all about being placed in front of your perfect prospect at the precise moment in time that they are looking for your services.

When does this happen?


Where do most of us start our search for a new service provider? On the internet, and usually with Google. You type in what you are looking for, the town that you are looking for it in and are presented with the results; the top four results being Google Adwords advertisements.

You click through to the advertisement and if the website does its’ job well, you get in touch with the service provider.

This is the only reason that I started providing Google Adwords Campaign Management Services in 2004, because it is simply the best form of attraction marketing in existence.

I didn’t get into Google Adwords Campaign Management Services because it looked fun or different, or I didn’t stumble into it out of college or university because it was the bright, new shiny thing.

I got into it because I realised that it was simply a perfect form of attraction marketing and would allow me to put my clients in front of prospects looking to buy their services at that precise moment in time.

2. The complete journey

Also from a marketing perspective; I completely understand the clients full journey. I have taken over Google Adwords Campaigns from many other digital marketing agencies and I always find dramatic opportunities for improvements, because I understand the clients full journey from interest in the service to becoming a client.

Most Google Adwords Campaign Management Service providers will run the Adwords campaign to a satisfactory level, but this is at best only half of the story.

What are your landing pages like? What are your forms of contact like? Do you provide enquiry forms, linked telephone numbers or does the page just end without any call to action? Does your website complete all parts of the Two Minute Trust Builder which it must do to generate significant volumes of enquiries?

When the client calls, do you understand the Meaningful Conversation that you must have with them to ensure that you turn them into new clients?

Do you understand the many contact points you must have in place to ensure that more of your prospects turn into new clients?

It is all of these parts that turn an average Google Adwords campaign into a stunning one. A two or three to one return on investment into a ten to one return on investment.

It is for these two huge reasons that I believe my clients receive great Google Adwords Campaign Management Services from me.

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