Business Growth Mentoring And Coaching Service For Business Owners & Consultants

Mentoring & Coaching Service For Business Owners & Consultants

Mentoring Service For Business Owners and Consultants

Would you like to know the shortcuts to success for business growth? Would you like someone who has already helped hundreds of service business owners to grow their business to help your business too and show you exactly what you need to do, but then perhaps more importantly hold you completely accountable to do what you say you will do?

I understand what it is like to start and grow your own business. I realised very early on in my business that if I was to be successful quickly, and speed was important with a young family to feed, that I needed to learn from those that had already built successful businesses. So I paid people to mentor me. It worked. My only regret was that I didn’t do this sooner as it pretty much changed everything.

Accountability is crucial; here is why!

Mentoring Service For Business Owners & Consultants

When employed, I had always had a very good and strong work ethic and produced excellent results for all of the business that I worked for.

Therefore, I reasoned that if I worked for myself, I would do exactly the same yet this time I would reap all of the rewards.

I didn’t realise one thing though, which only really struck home when I was looking back at my first few years in business.

Here is the thing: we are all hard-wired from day one to be held accountable to someone else. First, it is our parents who teach us everything and tell us what we should and should not do. Put your clothes on, take your clothes off, clean your plate, don’t eat too much etc etc. They guide us and hold us accountable every step of the way.

Next, it is our teachers. Don’t put your feet on the table, you wouldn’t do it at home. Do your homework. Listen. Stop chewing gum.

You might then go to college or university, again where you are held accountable. Then you get a job. Guess what. New accountability boss – your employer. You might gain a second boss in the form of a partner at home, but the key point is that you are held accountable every step of the way. That is, until you start your own business.

Who makes you do what you have to do now to achieve the results that you want to achieve?

Answer: nobody!

You need someone. I needed someone (I now have two someone’s that make me do what I say I will and need to do to grow my business).

It makes me laugh sometimes when I hear them telling me to do what I tell my own mentoring clients to do. We all need someone to hold us accountable.

My mentoring service for business owners and consultants.

My business mentor service is for a select few only. However, if you become one of those few, you get access to all of my sales, marketing and business growth systems knowledge. You gain access to my trusted suppliers and to my business success shortcuts. You get held accountable. You also get something else – my full support to help you create the business that you first dreamed of when you started. It is still there. I will help you to unearth it.

Why choose me – business owner:

If you are the owner of a service business owner, I will show you how to grow your business quickly. I will explain the key steps that will make the biggest differences to your success.

Perhaps, more importantly, I will ensure you do not involve yourself in tasks or tactics which simply will not produce any meaningful results for you.

Why choose me – consultant:

I have built a successful marketing consultancy business. If you are looking to start or grow your consultancy business I can save you a lot of time, money and effort. I know what works and what doesn’t. I know how you can grow a six figure consultancy business and how you can do so quickly.

Step one to discovering if I can be your business mentor.

The first step is to download some more information about my business mentor services. If you like what you see, I will explain the next steps for you to take to move us closer to working together.

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