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SME newsWhether you are looking for the latest sme news about sme loans, sme insurance or sme legal advice, Small Business Salt is here to help you.

SME News About Insurance

Should you have key man sme insurance?

What level of cover do you need for your premises?

What level of cover do you need for your employees?

SME insurance can be a minefield.

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SME News About Legal Advice

Do you need a SME solicitor to help you set up your start up business documentation? Do you need business legal contracts or contracts of employment which will ensure that your staff do not leave you and take your best clients with them?

Whatever SME legal services you need, Small Business Salt has you covered.

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SME News About Loans

Most businesses will at some point require funding to grow or in times of a pandemic or recession, survive.

Whilst some people love the idea of being the next big thing on Dragon’s Den, most SME business owners realise that they would rather keep 100% of the ownership of their business so that they alone are in charge of making decisions.

Depending on where you are in your SME business life, there are a range of SME funding options available to you.

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