Be Careful Who You Take Advice From When It Comes To Growing Your Business Who do you take advice from when it comes to growing your business? Marketing experts or people who are just trying to help? I am amazed how many people take advice from people who are clearly not qualified to give it. […]

How Procastination Kills The Growth Of Your Service Business And How To Stop It! I am really bad at procrastination and this has helped me no end when it comes to growing my service business. I was reminded of this recently on a call with a fellow service business owner. She had a plan of […]

How To Write Your Business Book – A Ride And Write Day I have been writing my business book about growing a law firm for some time now – far too long in fact. It was getting to the point that I simply had to get it finished. I was so close, yet also I […]

A 15 Year Overnight Success Story I love the term ‘overnight success’. Clearly, by the amount of time it is referenced in business stories in newspapers and magazines, I am not alone in the love of this term. However, I am a complete realist. I understand that except in a very few instances, there really […]

Chasing Jam Tomorrow Instead Of The Bread And Butter For Today Most business owners I meet or talk with have one common problem: They are always chasing the jam tomorrow instead of focusing on the bread and butter that they need to survive today. Jam tomorrow is more exciting. It is a shiny, bright and […]

You’re a Jobpreneur, Not An Entrepreneur, or are you? The term entrepreneur these days seems to be banded about far too easily. The Government want more entrepreneurs, business people talk about being entrepreneurs not just business owners, and generally everyone seems to want a slice of the entrepreneurial pie. What about the jobpreneurs though? My […]

Stop Riding The Service Business Marketing Roller Coaster Is your service business currently a victim of the Marketing Roller Coaster? Do you travel from a peak of successful and busy times in your business due to some very effective marketing, but then when the marketing roller coaster reaches the next summit, you stop marketing because […]